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17 ♀ europe exostan ♥

2014년 9월 21일 #happyjongday - To a truly talented vocalist who never fails to amaze EXO-L with his angelic voice and perseverance. Thank you for always smiling and being positive. You’ve always pushed yourself to be the best that you can for us, and despite how hard that meant you had to work, you never lost your smile. So today I hope that we can show you how proud we are to know and love someone as humble as you. Happy 22nd (23rd) birthday, our ChenChen! 종대야 생일축하해영~ 항상 고맙고 항상 사랑해요 ♥☁ (click images for captions)

chanyeol, the kawaii reindeer… ♥‿♥

chanyeol in aima tvc cf